Who We Are &
What We Do

Heron Point Seafood is a top 5 importer / processor of refrigerated and frozen pasteurized crab meat. For 16 years now, we have maintained a sole focus on sourcing, processing and selling the highest quality crab meat possible. With a comprehensive portfolio of blue and red crab options, we have built a loyal customer base appreciative of consistent quality and service.

We look forward to supporting your business and having you experience the gold standard in crab meat. Look for our Heron Point, Caribbean Blue and Great Blue branded products in your market.

Quality First

Heron Point maintains the highest standard for quality in the industry. Our specifications are written to ensure that this level is achieved in every can, in every case, on every pallet, in every container, every time.

  • Measurable and Defined – piece counts, weights, shape, uniformity
  • 100% Inspected – every lot on every container, every time
  • Boots on the Ground – in-country oversight and inspection


Heron Point is a top importer from all of the major exporting countries in the world. Our commitment to our packers and our reliable demand provide us with year-round preferred access to raw material.

Indonesia – We partner with leading processors across the country, producing all grades of blue swimming crab under the Heron Point label.

Vietnam – We are the largest importer of blue and red swimming crab meat from Vietnam. We produce all grades under our Great Blue and Heron Point labels.

Other Markets – Heron Point sources strategically from The Philippines, Nicaragua, Greece, China and Tunisia to maintain a strong price/value in the market and to guarantee continuity of supply year-round. These partnerships allow us to be a continuous resource for our customers.

Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, China, Nicaragua, Greece and Tunisia

The Gold Standard

  • Sole focus on importing and processing crab – it’s all we do!
  • Tight specs ensure the highest quality in every can
  • From boat to can in < 48 hours ensures optimal freshness
  • 100% inspection – every lot on every container, every time!
  • Diverse supply base provides year-round continuity of supply
  • Investing in our partners gives us a preferred advantage
  • Commitment to sustainability ensures your future resource
Nicaragua Team Nicaragua Team Nicaragua Team


In 2014, Heron Point Seafood opened up the very first crab meat processing plant in Nicaragua. This undertaking took tremendous collaboration with the various Nicaraguan fishing communities, creating and defining standards for crab processing and exporting. Heron Point successfully worked with the government to establish regulations to ensure the sustainability of the fishery.

A unique ecosystem, similar to that found in the Chesapeake Bay, offers the perfect breeding ground for the prized Callinectes sapidus (blue swimmer crab).

Today, Heron Point produces its mouth-watering Nicaraguan blue swimmer crab under the Caribbean Blue label. Slightly sweeter in flavor with the same desirable blue crab bite.